Spoken Word Poetry

A powerful Spoken Word can enhance a sermon or worship experience so much. It is raw emotion, written and aligned directly to the message at hand, and delivered to the audience personally. It is like nothing else…

I can and will cater my poetry and/or message to fit your vision and your desired outcome… I love conferencing with pastors and/or personnel and coordinating to write something fresh and real based on their vision. It is such a rewarding challenge.
Spoken Word poetry has been my bread and butter, but below are some topics I have in the past spoken on or would love to speak on in the future.

Men & Husbands:

  • Filling Your Wife’s Love Tank (That’s not dirty! – Get your head out of the gutter)
  • Beyond Reproach: Flirting & Perception
  • Consequences of Pornography
  • Rubber Eyes: Controlling Your Lust
  • Accountability

Married Couples:

  • The Danger of “Never” & “Always”
  • Love Tank Goals
  • Openness About Sexual Expectations
  • Accountability: Where to Draw the Line.
  • The Power of “I Notice”
  • Offering Grace Without Being a Doormat


  • Beautiful is a Powerful Adjective
  • Makeup & Dress-up Equals Fancy, Not Pretty
  • Learning From Our Little Ones
  • Why Apologizing to Your Kids Matters
  • Date Nights Matter
  • Empathizing With Our Kids Through God’s Example

Young Adults:

  • What Would Jesus Think?: How to assess the lines of sexual intimacy
  • Purity in the 21st Century
  • Consequences of Pornography
  • Why Praying with Your BF/GF is Unhealthy
  • Offering Grace While Protecting Your Heart


  • Consequences of Pornography
  • Consent and the dangerous gray lines
  • Hooking Up & Happiness
  • Defining Lines: How to be open about seeking purity
  • Healthy Relationships and Avoiding Toxic Ones


  • Worldly Influence: The Holes in the Ship
  • Benefits of Abstinence with No Fear Tactics
  • The Awkward Conversation: How to talk to your parents about sex
  • You’re Not Too Young to Seek a Husband or Wife

Contact Jason

Drop me a line if you want me to come speak or want to collaborate on a poetry performance.  Any time I speak, I will always do my best to bring an honest, entertaining, and hopeful perspective.  

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