What up!?  If you’re reading this, I already like you a bit more.  Here’s some additional info about me.  

Tell A Story?

As a young man, I was living a bit recklessly and I completely lost my way.  But after a Godly intervention and almost dying in the same week, my outlook on life would never be the same.  I have grown so much since then and God has taught me a great deal through those mistakes and through moving forward in Him.

Today, I try to use my story and my current happiness and walk as a man, husband, teacher, and dad to shed light and encouragement to others.

My Calling?

My profession and passion have aligned, so most days I have no problem going to ‘work’.  I love to bring energy and positivity to others and I love to write and speak, and my jobs allow me to do just that.  Whether it be in the classroom or speaking or blogging or performing poetry, I am doing what I love.  I am blessed.


I have been a teacher since 2007 and I have a Master’s degree in Teaching and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication.  I regularly perform poetry at my church, LifeGate Denver.  And I am enjoying the journey of speaking, blogging, and performing on my own now.


I grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago, the youngest of five, before living in Costa Rica and now the south suburbs of Denver.  I met my incredible wife in college, where we both played hoops for four years.  We have been to five different countries together and hope to see more with our growing family.  We have been blessed with three angels, Sanibelle Irene, Fionella Louise, and Antonello William.

A Little More Personal?

My brother, Joe calls me People’s Energy because I bring energy and life to everybody I come across.  It is a name I’ve come to embrace.  I’m loud.  I love people.  I love teaching others.  I love inspiring others.

I am OCD-ish when it comes to cleaning.  I clean the kitchen several times a day and will struggle to sleep if it’s not clean.  I cannot sleep in a bed without it being made prior (even if it’s right before I get in it).

I am ultra-competitive, which served me well playing ball in college and in Costa Rica, but can be a problem if my wife and I are playing tennis or monopoly or any game really.

As a man, I probably take too long to get ready and I am far too metrosexual for somebody with no hair.  And as happy as I am, I can be a bit short-tempered and go on highly entertaining rants about the most trivial of things.

I can rattle off movie lines with the best of them.  I love basketball.  I love spoken word poetry.  I love to travel.  And if you made it this far, I love you too!

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