If you’re considering donating to my ministry, I just want to say thank you! If my work has influenced you to a point you want to support me financially, words cannot begin to explain how incredible that is.

But just know too, that if you have been influenced by me personally, my writing, or my poetry, then that is gift enough. God called me to write and has gifted me to have some semblance of influence on some people who I know personally and some who read/watch my work. If I brought them joy or brought them closer to God… That is gift enough.

I set this up because I know God has called me to this and if He has financial assistance beyond the speaking engagements I get, then that is amazing… and to Him the glory.

Here is a Dream list of additional things the money could be used for:

  • Night classes – counseling/admin degree.
  • Hiring professional movie makers to assist in powerful movies to aide poetry.
  • Hiring professional editors to help write Abigail’s book or my own.
  • Professional film equipment.
  • Flexibility financially to provide more time to create.
  • Trip to Spain with wifey (just kidding) 🙂

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