Jason’s delivery was spectacular. His strengths were consistency, engagement with people, and sharing of biblical truths with compassion for those listening. The engagement between the group and his poetic monologue merged to make it seamless between the two artistic elements. Jason, you were a gift to our team, church, and the service

Jeremi Richardson - Cherry Hills Community Church

Delivery was great! Professional and extremely well done. Your biggest strength is your ability to articulate your main point in a creative, relatable way.  The students were really engaged and loved having the opportunity to write their own piece!

Jason, thank you for taking the scripture and the theme that the students were learning and creating a piece that tied it all together! It was the perfect way to end a series. The most memorable thing for the students was that it was made for them. Thank you for addressing our students and making them feel special.

I would absolutely recommend you to speak again. I would love to have you do an in person performance in the future.

Erika - Mission Church (Bloomingdale, Illinois)

I would recommend Jason to speak anytime, anywhere. I have now had the pleasure of hearing him a couple times and each situation was unique, but each situation was perfectly appropriate, powerful and purposeful.

Thunderous applause! Jason so perfectly captured the essence of a small child and transformed a moment in time to a movement.

Most memorable? The energy and passion. The words seem to be coming from his soul….

Stacie Winslow - Make a Wish Foundation

Thank you Jason.  I feel obligated to let you know that in the past year I went through the same thing you did.  I’ve never told anyone that, but hearing you speak tonight truly gave me strength and let me know that I am not alone…  thank you again for the impact you’re making because it is much needed among college students.  No one addresses the topics we covered tonight, and the honesty and bold intent was clear.  I am motivated now more than ever.
Text From Student Audience Member

Jason was transparent and relatable.  He had great body language and movement, great examples (kids LOVED the ship analogy!) and visuals.  Jason has a strong and eloquent voice.  He was available with questions during and after.  He is reaching kids where they need help.

I would definitely recommend him.

Becky Cohen - Youth For Christ

Jason can relate to so many different groups–adults, kids, men, women. Every message tailored to the audience he is covering.

Jason is engaging and fun–not afraid to tackle difficult topics and make them relevant.

Jeff Hoefs - Mountain Vista High School

Jason was very relatable.  He hit topics and temptations that every kid is facing today.
Sophie Bushong - Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Denver University

Thank you for coming and speaking!!! It was seriously so encouraging and such a motivation to all of us.  Praying lives will continue to be convicted and touched by your words tonight!
Text From Student Audience Member

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