Spoken Word Poetry

A powerful Spoken Word can enhance any sermon or worship experience. It is raw emotion, written and aligned directly to the message at hand, and delivered to the audience personally. It is like nothing else…

I can and will cater my poetry and/or message to fit your vision and your desired outcome… I love conferencing with pastors and/or personnel and coordinating to write something fresh and real based on their vision. It is such a rewarding challenge.
Spoken Word poetry has been my bread and butter, but below are some topics I have in the past spoken on or would love to speak on in the future.

Men & Husbands:

  • Filling Your Wife’s Love Tank (That’s not dirty! – Get your head out of the gutter)
  • Beyond Reproach: Flirting & Perception
  • Consequences of Pornography
  • Rubber Eyes: Controlling Your Lust
  • Accountability

Married Couples:

  • The Danger of “Never” & “Always”
  • Love Tank Goals
  • Openness About Sexual Expectations
  • Accountability: Where to Draw the Line.
  • The Power of “I Notice”
  • Offering Grace Without Being a Doormat


  • Beautiful is a Powerful Adjective
  • Makeup & Dress-up Equals Fancy, Not Pretty
  • Learning From Our Little Ones
  • Why Apologizing to Your Kids Matters
  • Date Nights Matter
  • Empathizing With Our Kids Through God’s Example

Young Adults:

  • What Would Jesus Think?: How to assess the lines of sexual intimacy
  • Purity in the 21st Century
  • Consequences of Pornography
  • Why Praying with Your BF/GF is Unhealthy
  • Offering Grace While Protecting Your Heart


  • Consequences of Pornography
  • Consent and the dangerous gray lines
  • Hooking Up & Happiness
  • Defining Lines: How to be open about seeking purity
  • Healthy Relationships and Avoiding Toxic Ones


  • Worldly Influence: The Holes in the Ship
  • Benefits of Abstinence with No Fear Tactics
  • The Awkward Conversation: How to talk to your parents about sex
  • You’re Not Too Young to Seek a Husband or Wife

Contact Jason

Drop me a line if you want me to come speak or want to collaborate on a poetry performance.  Any time I speak, I will always do my best to bring an honest, entertaining, and hopeful perspective.  

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