Imagining having sex can hinder your ability to actually have sex. Oddly enough, and equally ironic, porn can make you limp.

Neurologist Serge Stoleru found that the overexposure to erotic stimuli (aka – your POV king of the castle brigade) exhausts the sexual responses of normal, young men. Essentially, your brain and body become calloused to the visual and physical stimulation that occurs when viewing porn, and thus you become unable to perform, both mentally and physically, in an actual sexual experience.

Now the research uses the word normal to describe the young men and that word cannot be overlooked. According to the Barna Group study done in 2014, 63 percent of 18-30 year-olds admit to watching porn at least several times a week and almost 40 percent of 31-50 year-olds say the same. So there is a forty to sixty percent chance that right now, you are worrying about your penis underperforming… When you actually have sex with a woman, that is.

Now one reason people defend porn is they claim it gives them stamina for the real thing.

But when talking about avid porn users, Dr. MaryAnne Layden states, “They seem to find it difficult to have sex with a real human being. Pornography is raising their expectation and demand for types and amounts of sexual experiences; at the same time it is reducing their ability to experience sex.”

Hold the phone! This might be the perfect lesson to teach irony to my students… But it might be inappropriate.

Now if you want to doubt the neurologist and doctor’s research, then feel free, but that is some alarming information.

But maybe you don’t believe it. Maybe you really love porn and you just won’t give it up. Maybe you still firmly (no pun intended) believe it will enhance your ability or knowledge in the bedroom.

In spite of your skepticism, porn has plenty of other documented, horrible and toxic flaws.

Prolonged exposure to pornography can lead to, according to the Journal of Adolescent Health, cynicism about love and a lack of attraction to child raising. The Journal of Sex Research documents pornography interferes with a person’s memory.

At a glance, with the overexposure to porn, you could become a cynical lover, a deadbeat daddy, with a lacking memory and a limp extremity… Yikes. Porn can steal your physical and mental well-being.

And there is so much more information out there on the destructive nature of pornography, both on people and on our world. We haven’t even really scratched the surface here. But it certainly sounds like it may be worth a second look… at the research that is, not the porn.

Because porn makes you limp.
And the world has enough limp men. Just watch the commercials for 1 sporting event on TV…

But in all seriousness, if limp is defined as lacking in strength and lacking in substance, then we as men cannot continue to allow ourselves to lack in either. Because the world needs strong men. And the world needs men of substance.

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